How many times have you decided to start a project and innovate your existing business?

Did you ever realize you can do a lot more by having a different vision?

If that’s the case, then Dinamita Production can definitely help you make the changes that will take
your goals to the next level! After all, our main objective is to make your business grow and guide
you through the whole process.

Servicio de Diseño Gráfico

Our history

Established in West Los Angeles, California back in June 2012, Dinamita Production was originally
named LMC Record & Production Company, making musical productions until integrating the
service of Web and Graphic Design, thanks to the talent and creativity of its creators and their
Cuban origins. Eventually, the company managed to include the bases for marketing strategies,
offering a wide variety of services for every type of client.
Years later, LMC Record moved to Miami, Florida, and was baptized with the name of Dinamita
Production Company, based on the Latin movie “Dynamite.” This was an incredible film that
highlighted the powerful role of one of the company’s main creators and investors.
Currently, Dinamita continues with its mission of being strong support for the Latin and
the international community, contributing to the development and growth of every kind of industry,
providing the most effective service and advice.


(Red Carpet in Miami / Latino Movie "Dinamita")

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